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Simulation game Kindergarten: become a tutor kids!Imagine how much a mother worries with kids: and to wash and feed and diaper change ...And if the child is sad, then to play.Affairs of their lot out of the way, you can sit in the arena.But it will not be there long, he sit, cry, want to handle.Imagine how many mothers of cases.So this is my mother, who has only one child.And what a teacher in a kindergarten, in which ten or even more children?Want to feel like a strict but good teacher?Then the game kindergarten - for you.That not only do teachers have to calm crying babies: to give the bottle, put it in the arena, the third a diaper change, or put to sleep ...One did, but boy calmed down, smiled, and - again, crying, asking something.Child does not know how to ask in another.So they have all day to run from one to the other crumbs.The work you have such.Or rather do not work, and your business - a kindergarten.First, one must cope with everything, and then, when the money will appear, and you can hire assistants.Will not only easier, children that every day more and more.As you already own and probably realized, games for girls kindergarten - for very patient moms.Here you will plunge into the daily care of the owner and educator cozy kindergarten.This means you must meet all the whims of tiny customers - change a wet or soiled diaper, feed, wash, move in the arena and put in the crib.All you need to do very quickly.If a baby is crying for a long time, he begins to call mom and dad, they come and take chadoYu kindergarten owner gets a fine.Before you start playing, be sure to walk through the training level, otherwise a toy seems too complicated.But it is not.The main thing is to catch the rhythm and sequence work.In the game there are options to help make your day care is better, raising his rating purchase additional furniture and expansion of staff assistants.Control the actions of the characters in the game kindergarten with the mouse.Kindergarten - online game child care, which is more like playing girls.But parents she may be interested, because very cool to be able to care for their babies, so that all were satisfied.The kids are adorable and so beautiful smile ...True, they smile less often than cry.And the more crumbs led parents in the group, the harder it is time to do all the time.And the more interesting it becomes a simulation game of this kindergarten.