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Playing with dinosaurs: the prehistoric world of adventure Prehistoric period when the Earth was Planet of Dinosaurs in every sense of the word, for several decades, is perhaps the most popular in the film world.Since its release in theaters, "Jurassic Park" interest to the era of dinosaurs continues unabated.Online games about dinosaurs - another sign of interest in the ancient reptiles.And, as if people did not argue vehemently that it is impossible, the person at heart always wants to see the Giants near the relic.Everyone remembers the attractive force of robotic models of dinosaurs, how many people that visited the exhibition, which, frankly, was an expensive pleasure.The gaming industry is, of course, has not gone away.Game storyline which became dinosaurs out "large circulation", the theme has always helped them find an army of loyal fans.Despite not a manifold, there are two directions of the game interpretation of the theme of prehistoric dinosaurs.For classic American and withdrawn from her European branch of the foundation was "Jurassic Park."Output on the screen once the film led to the appearance of games from three or four manufacturers immediately.Today added another flash and the work of young designers, their territory - online games about dinosaurs.Japanese branch of the U.S. is much more complicated.This is explained by the peculiarities of the Japanese tradition, which was dominated by Godzilla.Naturally, the complexity of the original story line films reflect on the games.However, most of their fans have lived in Japan.Agree, tragic fate of the Raptor fight against ecological disasters can only be understood by those who grew up there, where the story is familiar with childhood.I'm sure that played on consoles, it is easy to remember gaming products in this field.They are very much different proportions of the U.S. gaming products.A huge Godzilla, barely fits on the screen, fought with the same large-sized monsters.Against the background of other games with tiny characters and a huge virtual space game turn seemed unusual.But the units have no problem in it to play because the gameplay is still slightly different.Became a serious obstacle, and the language barrier.Not all have the perseverance to overcome it.Modern fans prehistoric prefer online games about dinosaurs.On our site and the classics of the genre, and a flash new items to the ancient reptiles.For the enjoyment of the game do not need to pay anything.