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Play Doctor: medical care online Doctors are different, in online games, most of all, funny and silly.It is clear: Play Doctor set to rest.Forget about everyday problems, fascinated by this game very easily.A character in a white coat is not to rest, because of how quickly and efficiently it will be action depends on one's life.Not necessarily human.Still talking about the game, which means that patients can be and young animals.Most importantly, make the diagnosis - to help you to the virtual medical instruments - and choose the right treatment.Doctor - fearless character.Easy to him any difficulties.Can it be a driver, if necessary.And at the same time to drive the car and provide medical assistance.It sounds impossible, but a game of "Doctor goes-goes ..."And you'll understand.No special difficulties: you have only to follow the scale and speed time to press the space bar, do not forget about the patients traveling to the "ambulance" You may have to do in the game operation, so pass out from the sight of blood fall not desirable.Players need and self-control, and endurance.Young girls, tsepeneyuschim in horror at the sight of injuries and fractures, these games would not like.And people with a medical background to open the game in this section is not necessary.Yet the game is far from reality.As a quality it has not been done in the eyes of conventional medical doctors online game - empty fun, which does not have anything to do with hospitals.But when compared with the endless series about the hard fraction of doctors "fast", but the games are more realistic.Not seldom draw the human body with anatomical accuracy.Therefore, for children who dream of becoming doctors, created an online game of another plan.The doctor at the games for the kids is more like a vet.It flies fluffy patients with pills and tablets, and the most painful procedure - injection.By the way, the game can help get rid of the fear of injections.The child realizes that prick useful doctor does it to help, not to torture.See the child, and how difficult this profession.But maybe that's when he decides to go to medical school and eventually become a really good doctor.Of course, children do not need to see the blood-soaked bandages.Therefore, the children's medical doctor and nurse games are more like good magicians.Detailed drawing of medical operations are not needed.The problem of children's games of "emergency" in the other - to teach children compassion and empathy.Two-year crumbs trounced drawn in the book villain.Computer world for them is as real as the ambient.Growing up, kids, of course, understand that this is a game, but sincerely sympathize ill pussy and want to help him.The child becomes a kind and sympathetic.