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Dora Games - Cartoon girl ranger now and in online games In modern kids amazing ability to learn.And this is not surprising.Dynamically developing society dictates the rules, without a rapid assimilation of information flow can neither growns nor children.Modern first-graders use computers better than their grandparents.Toddlers do not have a deterrent - fear of spoiling the expensive thing, so just once in front of a monitor, crumb is ready to learn the computer, he looked picks up the mouse clicks on the keyboard.Write five-year kids do not always know how to, and type the text - one in three.Dora - games online, calculated on such geeks.And even if your child has normal intelligence, he soon begins to surprise, he had only to play with Dora.In this cartoon girl a real nose for adventure.No accident that the Russian version of the animated series, it was named Dasha tracker.Slightly corrected the name to make it more enjoyable for the Russian ear.Remained unchanged nature restless girl.All she wants to know everything scout.Dora - the perfect heroine of educational games.Her pretty attractive face with a snub nose can be seen on the underwater depths, and a pirate island.It hastens to visit the mermaid, simultaneously clearing the beach and the ocean of garbage, by example, showing children what to do when he saw an empty bottle or jar.Then prepares a tired dad dinner.He, of course, can not eat, but the child will understand, this is not easy - to cook, and will be more willing to help her mother.In short, Dora wants to be a friend of your child to teach him anything.Moreover, this knowledge will be useful not only to the smallest.Dora speaks English, he was to her native language, and easily taught with kids numbers and alphabet.Of course, in English.But in the process of learning the game is not noticeable, and the result can be proud parents and Dora herself: games online make a baby smarter and smarter.Feature of these games is that the child is sitting quietly at the computer, watching the screen, and repeats the fun for Dora and her friends words and actions.So be prepared for the fact that the lessons with Dora are quite noisy.But such an approach is justified.Practical studies have shown that the most effective way to make the crumbs well remember hear the information.To check, go to one of the games with Dora.The plot and genre can be very different, but the interest is unchanged.Giggling and clever heroine like everything: boys and girls.