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Games for two fights as a computer and a real contender with the number of people you know.

Fighting for two: test yourself and the opponent Remember the peak of popularity of game consoles?With what delight kids, armed with two joysticks, fought with each other for the title of most powerful and nimble.It could be conditioned battle on the race track, where the ability to maneuver and good coordination of movements is often more important than speed.The winner received a cup, but the race - a bloodless battle.Were real battle: realistic fights with monsters and anthropomorphic creatures.Now these monsters are gone, but among gamers quite often those who like Fighting for two.No need to accuse these people of excessive cruelty.For them, the virtual fight - a kind of a friendly duel.It is for them flash designers create simple games, where there is an option to control two characters at the same time using the keyboard.The tasks are different.For example, with quest and advance through the levels.Or to fight shoulder to shoulder against the enemy.Game plot Drak for two fundamentally different from all of the above.At the heart of the rivalry of two people sitting at a computer.Format of the game for this purpose is ideal.Management thought so that with simple combinations (for this purpose, they are duplicated on the left and right of the keyboard), friends, and in the implacable enemies of the game, could be applied to each other blows.Games for two Fighting not intricate the plot.Different set of techniques.In some species, game opponents can increase the power of a blow or combined techniques.Important indicator of the health and character of it may depend on the force of impact.To study the rules of battle opponents hardly spend more than a minute, but the match can captivate for hours.Passion ignites both.Still, before you is not a stupid piece of iron, but a living person you know very well.And he sits very close, so that I can hand to touch.And puffed up with pride, if victory in the next round he got.Do not sit in silence, and says what is happening.Urged on.Not surprisingly, the blood boils in my veins and overwhelmed burning desire revenge.And turn Fighting for two in dispute equally strong opponents.Fight for your pleasure.Even the fierce fight will not cause harm.The only thing that might suffer in the heat of battle - the keyboard.Take care of her.And take care of his friendship.Taita not hurt, do not hold the evil, if lost.Speak directly and measure forces in the next fight.In the most interesting of the fighting - in a virtual battle between two friends.