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stupid game to play, play the fool with a computer online for free

Fool: online game for smart and gambling The secret of its popularity is not solved yet.Whether it is in the simplicity and accessibility of the rules that are clear even to a child, or a matter of human psychology: so we are organized, excitement each.But if you play for a professional card table can afford one, to play cards in the Fool can all.Prohibit this card game is useless.Surprisingly, in spite of seeming simplicity and simplicity of many of your favorite games, beginner fully able to fool an experienced player.Do not think that the game has a whole arsenal of tricks shulerskih.They, of course, there is.And the bluff was not forbidden, but not the main thing.Diverse game fool.Play can also be different.But under no circumstances would pass game, you need to be careful, thoughtful and have an excellent memory.Format of the game is that the rules can vary, depending on the arrangement of players.In other words, the rules change as you like.Classics of the genre - it's a game where the cards are of the color of the card to cover the same suit junior rank.Usually 36 cards in the deck.In the distribution of one of them determines the color kozyrnayu game.Card suit are selected advantage: they can beat any other.Naturally, you can beat the trump ace just too great dignity.There are also options when in a pack of 52 cards, however, the essence of the game remains the same.Play online for free can be a fool not only in the classic version.Many love his kind - a fool transferable.The rules add only one condition, but it completely changes the game.Cards of the same value are the ability to translate the course.So even trump ace loses its critical - there is always the possibility of transfer.Transferable fool not only a variation on the game.For those who plan to spend the entire game for the evening is sure to be fun to play around with straps.Here, in addition to the parties, an additional game canvas.The idea is that if the last move on the table is a six, the player to whom the stroke was addressed, scored a "chase."Following such a "reward" may be just a map of the true age is "hanging."Naturally, the procedure must be followed.With the popularity of card game Durak online too found their fans.For them this resource selected the best options for online versions of the game.Classic and conversion, and various interface and features ...In short, for every taste and for free.Do not waste time searching.All you need are here.