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Iron Man - the hero of all time Each generation has its own heroes.It seems that the age of movie stars is very short.Yesterday was popular Superman and Catwoman - today they no longer remember.Maybe that's because they think modern teenagers.Most teens do not realize that the movie heroes live much longer films, which have made them popular.Most often superheroes came into our life from the pages of the world-famous comic book, already then being on the silver screen.A similar thing happened with Iron Man.Wrong those who thought that the character first appears in the film.In reality, life is much longer than the Ironman.For almost half a century has passed since 1963, when the fans of Marvel comics have seen it in the pages of magazines.Of course, Iron Man game online appeared much later.Then, in 1963, the hero acts in several cartoon stories, and movie premieres to the performance of "co-star" did not trust him.Only a few issues of comics, can justly be devoted to the exploits of Iron Man.World created by Marvel, full of mysteries and secrets.Here there are parallel universes, where the same characters are completely different.So, in a universe with a terrible name Zombie Ironman infectious virus and becomes a zombie.Later it will go to the team of superheroes, zombies, which keeps at bay the entire galaxy.The man, clad in iron, in our understanding - is the character of the universe, called Ultimate.In general, the filmmakers managed to bring all the features of the on-screen image.Naturally, the Hollywood image format added new, interesting, especially for flash designers, details.Therefore, despite the well-thought-out dramatic line, it is a pure action film, and quite effective.What took advantage programmers and flash designers.There was a lot of interesting game products, which has a Iron Man.Games, by the way, are easy, simple and fun.Aimed fire at enemies, flying at a dizzying height and countless pursuits await players who decided to spend the evening in the society of Iron Man.It is clear that the basis of all the game stories are not stories from the comics, and the script of the acclaimed film.Online games involve intuitive and easy gameplay.Of course, the game follows the adventures of man in a steel suit does not violate this rule.To manage often need only the mouse.And we do not break the tradition of such games of Web resources and offer to play for free.