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Castles game.Games at the destruction and protection of castles and fortresses.

Locks strategy: Build and defend your own castle The mysterious world of the Middle Ages like bold and daring.Brave knights who can and attack the opponent's castle, and its protection from enemies.For all its diversity, the game locks, first of all, strategy.As the name implies, in a game in order to win, you need to develop a strategy and tactics of play behavior.Principle flash strategy is no different from conventional strategies that require a download and install on your computer.And there, and there the player is responsible for the actions of a few characters, the behavior of which depends on the success of the game in general.Strategic online games are turn-based, that is, the players take turns perform different actions and the story line does not change until the successful completion of these actions.There are also games, the storyline which builds on the real-time, and the players involved in the game vicissitudes of time.All browser strategy are divided into basic types, for example, economic or military.One of the most popular online games today are the strategies, the main task - to protect the castle (for brevity, they are sometimes referred to as the game locks).Here, players will strengthen the line of defense and to defend their possessions from the treacherous attack of the enemy.Usually strategic online games require considerable human immersive gameplay and nontrivial tactical thinking.Modern online strategies presented today on the Internet, especially the flash version.Needless to say, the game locks changed significantly, as for the maintenance of elementary interest from the public under the name hid a very different concept of the game world.Say, under lock must also understand the popular simulators.Here's the storyline in one of those games.You are the leader of the Army Distinguished barbarians besieging medieval castles.Under the protection of the castle walls - the royal family and a few faithful servants.Easy task: in the castle enemy must die all the defenders.Without destroying the lock is not enough.Complicates the task of the limit on the number of shots, in addition players teased prize for winning a single shot.No cheating: each level actually invented so that the point, which will erase the castle to the ground one well-aimed hit, really exists.With each level of military fortifications are protected and armored.But the player's weapon is also not standing still - first timber, then stones, and long-range missiles, of course, the bomb.Try to calculate the trajectory of the charge.Make sure that the game locks are not as simple as first appears.