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Star Wars: more than a game World, given to us by George Lucas, versatile and unique.The familiar story of the struggle between good and evil was beyond exciting fighter, becoming unsurpassed philosophical saga explaining prescribe in detail the world.Even the very interesting presentation of the material.Better known in the literature than in film, reverse composition effortlessly kept us in suspense for years.Perhaps this is why the game is so popular Star Wars.Often it happens that the parallel worlds that exist in the imagination of the writer, too big and difficult to film adaptation.For example, the same fate befell the "Lord of the Rings."The trilogy was filmed only in a time when technological advances made it possible to implement such an ambitious project.The genius of George Lucas acted differently, he could bring the future.In the truest sense of the word.The first (I note in the plot - the fourth) part of the saga created with innovative technology for those years shooting.Flights tie-fighters, as well as space battles played in the studio with replicas of models that were at times less.This practice has existed in the past, an object with strands to move around the set.But the film clearly showed that the object moved by another hand, in addition, the number of maneuver was very limited.Lucas approached the problem from the other side.His fighters - fixed model placed on a perfectly camouflaged in the original mounts, designed for this purpose unit.Move the camera!Its smooth ride on a multi-vector rails adds softness flight fighter.In addition, it is an engineering solution greatly increases the number of shooting angles.The real breakthrough!Viewer reacted instantly.At the top of the box office of the saga was a huge success.Immediately there were fans of the characters.Bigotry extreme.Not surprisingly, the "sick" Star Wars saga, play games, and even more fun, do not allow themselves to many.For insulting Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader could and "light" to deal a blow with a stick.Along with this saga fans differed angelic patience.Beginning of the story that ended in 1983, appears on the screen of the sixth episode, the fans had to wait for almost 16 years.Only in 1999, the technological capabilities reached prebuemogo level.George Lucas graduated saga.By the way, the company Lucas Arts often produces a win-win game with the storyline.Something to hide, game universe created sometime in the first Star Wars, perfect and infallible.