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Zombie Games: Shooting for fans of horror movies Interest in zombies then fades, then flares up again.This stems from the Hollywood horror movies.Sometimes they have a dramatic line of thought, in which the zombies are woven for thrills.Most often chilling stories come to life with the dead is only interested amateurs to tickle your nerves.Such people are attracted to and flash games about zombies.Of course, no accident.Positive side, both in games and in movies is.Understandable fear and release of adrenaline helps people escape from the problems of everyday life.The directors are well known mystical horror audience before his death.Talent to help them make up artists, create a truly disgusting images of rotting corpses to come to the cinema the audience froze in horror.Zombies became a full-fledged character overseas cultures often refer to it with humor, making a hero of comics, cartoons, and of course, video games.Laughter parses looking at these zombies.Games involving cartoon dead do not scare and amuse.Programmers and designers paradiruyut their awkward slow motion, dead-yellow skin and a frightening grin.It is such a release to ensure the adrenaline.On our website, as well as in the film, to the crowd of the living dead included manly superhero.Players know exactly: armed with a machete, an ax, for a shotgun, almost invulnerable character necessarily save his home, the city and our planet from these carnivorous creatures.Online Games Zombies make bespectacled office in courageous warriors.Boundless imagination of developers - in the living dead are allowed to shoot a gun, to press their wheels of cars of different brands, run from a catapult.Do not give up "wet" and "old-fashioned way", by hand.For this purpose suitable bits, knife and a flamethrower.Zaginat fingers will not, but the way to re-send to the grave living dead a hundred.And all this abundance - for fans of online games, zombies they still enjoy.There are puzzle games and skill games, there are also images of comic zombie.Head once evil creatures line up three in a row.And you can start the body cleverly zombies from the catapult, so he touched the prize items.Of course, anyone would want to play in these games.But most fans eager conventional shooters.Does not matter what game Zombie 2, or even 3 times one will not pass.They are not created for it.Even playing every day in a new, barely able to try everything - so various zombie games, collected at our site.