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Online War Games: be aggressive only in the game!Every boy in childhood were toy guns and pistols.So nice shooting imaginary bullets.And the neighborhood boys are always so funny fall, pretending injured or killed.And also do not lag behind: a couple of well-aimed shots, and you need help too orderly, more nurses, because in this role often take girls.Play War Games liked by all.Maybe because at the seeming cruelty game this good: whatever was fierce firefight, all will be safe and sound.The only possible "injury" - bruises, bruises and scratches, which in the rear of the battles just do not notice.Play war on the computer even safer than on the street.Suffer in such fights can only keyboard, trauma and injuries to players, as you know, do not threaten.A variety of game situations will delight and small and big boys.Everyone knows that every man in the shower - the same shock-headed boy, he had been a child.Not surprisingly, online games war has come a very long time.And, of course, in such entertainment were and are its fans.The aggression of the modern world has to spill somewhere, and online games for this ideal.Changing game times, the wave of popularity is one or the other game.In each of them - the charm, we will not list them.One thing is constant.Topic of online games is the same - the war.Flash games in this sense does not lag behind the multiplayer strategies.Hunters are always shooting.And not with water guns and toy machines, and of the very real virtual weapon.Perhaps this is one reason why older people condemn game about World War II.You can understand them.For them, the war was a reality.Today the boys and young men are only virtual battlefields.Standards for them to shout in game chat "Heil!"And" For Stalin!"And yet they are little understood meaning hidden behind these phrases.Because for them the game about World War II only way to reset the emotional stress.The game world, as though qualitatively it was not done, will always be a fiction, though attractive and interesting, but still a fantasy.And in games about the war, there is one big advantage that is often overlooked opponents of such games.If our children can fight, sitting in front of the monitor, then they are living in peace and their life is not in danger.What's wrong with that?If you remember this, it is safe to allow children to play in the war.And most also sometimes want to relax with a virtual arms.Is not it?