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Games about horses online virtual racetrack and stables for every taste Kids always dream of a pet.Parents can easily surprise your beloved children, buying a cat, dog or bird.But, is that there is no place to keep a pet, if the apartment is not very big.And pets, everyone knows require care.Take care, of course, have my father to my mother, because the child, no matter how docile and good he was, loves to play.He did not know that animals are not to play.True, the mind is not always just play.For example, many of the girls since kindergarten just love horses.Naturally, the biggest of their desire: to make the house a tiny horse.You do not have a little, then you can ride a horse riding to kindergarten or school, feed her, comb mane and otherwise cherish.From that desire dad with mom dizzy.No need to panic.Ask her contemporary entertainment for young housewives racecourses and stables: games for girls about horses.Hardly a lover of beautiful and noble animals remain indifferent.Even serious, far from his childhood, growns understand, games for girls horse turns into a fairy tale.And it is not because the girl playing will be able to braid the mane virtual darling bright ribbons or pick for a girl jockey magnificent costumes and appropriate make-up.There is, for example, the game of horse with wings.Their character can fly like real fairy high in the sky.Who among us has not dreamed to find yourself in a fairy tale?If your little girl wants to be a witch, there are scenes from the game with real life.Say, jumping on horseback, in which you need to help the animal to overcome obstacles.There is another flash game "Horse Escape," in which a horse without a rider is jumping across rooftops, fleeing from his pursuers.For fans of racing there is an analogue machine, where instead of the car to rule a crew.Naturally, the crew - not a machine to control it, you need to develop certain skills.Need attention and perseverance.In short, games for girls about horses - fun for all.With all the diversity, there are recognized leaders in this genre.Of course, refers to the game equine care.You can become a friend of the graceful animal, brought him sweets, enclose hay, clean and comb mane.Simply put, take care as an ordinary pet.Naturally, the child learns to care about someone, so games online horse converted to useful employment.Heroes such games - a lovely friendly.They do not teach a child cruelty.So mom and dad can not worry if a girl brought horses games online.While playing, the baby will be a kind and caring, learn to appreciate the wildlife and do no evil.