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Intellectual mind games online Mind games: calm, focus and good judgment In the gaming space, everyone is looking for something different.Someone needs an adrenaline rush or discharge of negativity in the virtual world.Such a person is looking for shooters, to rid the world of the mouse monsters and mutants, which in his imagination become nagging boss or an annoying neighbor.Other people like to solve mysteries or train attention.These players are attracted to a variety of quests storyline.Here you can feel famous detective, to get used to if you get the character.Important in these games is a good description of the details, high-quality voice and exciting plot.Someone prefer racer.And the rest before the monitor for it is, oddly enough, the chair of a powerful racing car.Someone in awe of the endless brodilok where the character is going through the levels, collecting items and coins.There are players with his head into the simulators, which provide the opportunity to build the perfect city or near to really live a life similar to humans.And, of course, there are those who like intellectual games online.These online fun, certainly not as diverse as those genres, as discussed earlier.Still loyal fans of "mind games" too.More broadly, we can say that in each flash game for all their simplicity contains intellectual element.Must think always.For example, playing a shooter, we have at least a minimal strategy to analyze the opponent.The same can be said of the race.Collection of objects in a quest or search for solutions of a game problem, to the best of your subjects, no doubt require mental work.Either way, the mind games online offer "brainstorming" in its pure form, they are not entertaining and distracting prettiness.Ideally, such a game - simple puzzle where the foreground is not bright wrapping and custom vzlyad flash programmer and designer, and the meaning and the complexity of the task facing the player.For example, intellectual games of such a plan is a board game of chess or checkers, card poker or bridge, games, quizzes like "O Lucky Man" and many other games for the victory that will require learning, logic, strategy, and, of course, the ability to think.Mind games online - a real outlet for players who believe that the brain also needs regular workouts.People who share this point of view, pretty much.Therefore to find an opponent in the network is very simple.If we play with real people do not want to, you can always start the battle with computer intelligence.But the recognition of gamers enjoy the game much more when on the other side of the screen - an ordinary man.