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Eating game: start your business on the Internet!Many growns still alive stereotype that opening your own business can only be "cool" and the rich guys.Games for girls Restaurants refute the stereotype that arose in the nineties of the last century, and still exists, in part due to American films about the hosts small restaurants or gas stations.In the movie, these people necessarily succeed.Looking kinoskazku another, each of us will certainly visit the idea: "What if the truth and open a business, no longer depend on the bosses and big money?".So that people are growns, what to say about children?Many of the girls play in the business.One young individuals with entrepreneurial spirit really want to make money, just like the other games in the cooking at the restaurant.Keep up with children of their father and mother.Very many assign soul online simulator that allows you to try on the role of the owner of his own barber shop, a fashion boutique or restaurant.And see for yourself, playing with passion, for example, games for girls Cafe, business - some fun, but not easy.Feel away: as a game sitting at the computer to assume the heavy responsibility.The secret in the building game.Online restaurants - a very peculiar place where the player controls and monitors the work of almost all the staff - from the chef to the cleaners.The player needs, managing virtual characters, to have time to prepare meals according to the customer's wishes, bring it to the table, take the money and clean the dishes.It turns out the original belt.Your task - to improve specific skills of each character.Have to prepare more sophisticated dishes to customers became more.And in parallel to improve the quality and speed of service, not to run away existing customers.Believe me, using mouse clicks at a given temperature and consistency is not easy.Mixed the wrong ingredients - the customer angry.No sooner had the time to bring a dish - again discontent.Just like in real life, the only games for girls cafe turned into a place where the manager can not afford low-quality service, otherwise the game is meaningless.One of the nicest things: revenue for the day.Of course, money is completely virtual.Convert the currency, as in some multiplayer games, the real, will not work.But this "deficiency" do not realize games are popular not only in young individuals with entrepreneurial spirit, but also that of their mothers and fathers, as well as other simulators own business.