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Contra: two games with the same name What happens if a word to change the emphasis?Everyone remembers from school, what can be a new word.It happens quite often, is not difficult to recall examples.There are also in the game industry such cases.Of course, talking about the word counter.It should put the accent on the first syllable, I remember one of my favorite computer games children of the nineties.If the stress is moved to the letter A, gets the name of a different game you enjoy playing modern teenagers.And she and the other game of the military battles in the field, both games have a lot of run and shoot all kinds of weapons.However, the difference between them is huge.Double with an emphasis on on - the game, as they say, with a great past.Classical shooter game that is a dandy.The point is simple: you have to run and jump, winning one hundred enemies, that in the final game to save the world from alien monsters.Play Contra liked the vast majority of boys.To be honest, the game was a cult, for it lies an era of game industry.Character had to pass a series of tests, two break through the enemy base, horrible bosses and win the final battle with the leader in the lair of the alien.Naturally, the player left a few tries, but in the battle with the boss to lose these attempts can not, because when the hero spawn appeared with a weak standard weapon.So, the main goal was to stay alive, thatiskeep weapons that much easier game.There are different types of weapons, for ease of designated letters.Of the most powerful: L - Laser (awesome, disadvantage small area of ​​damage); F - breaks walking around (the wider affected area, 3 full touch the trigger, but not the exact rate and weapons) and the most powerful and Popular - S, a fan of the classic red-ball bullets, without pity destroying enemies.As for the double with the accent on the last letter, it is a computer game, which today is perhaps the very first and the main eSports discipline.The essence of the action in the conflict and terrorist kontrterroristov (original name - Counter Strike).Online version of this game between real people, the battle with the bots, too, but they are training.Gamers who is important not just to kill time at the computer and just play, Contra online fit perfectly.The number of fans is growing every day.And the players are refusing to accept the updated version, the classic of the genre is version 1.6.We can play in the contra-date and in a counter-nineties.The choice is yours.