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Space online game: The universe in your computer!No matter what the pessimists, there is space in the vast inexplicable power of attraction.And it's not about gravity.Years pass, centuries, millennia, but space continued to engage the human eye.People still watch with interest to the sky.Attractive, above all, mystery boundless space.No one knows what lies out there, beyond the visible sky, among countless galaxies.How many of them are suitable for life?What creatures live there?Do they arrive on our planet?Or already fly, but carefully conceal their presence.Wondered about that every one of us.As a consequence, there were fantastic works of other universes inhabited by intelligent beings, films about mysterious stellar worlds and, of course, space games online.By genres they are very different, because each in its own fancy space.However, the basis of the plot remains unchanged: to mankind finally became available intergalactic spaces and people are faced with the person living there creatures.And then the imagination of the developer does not know borders.If the contact has turned out not particularly peaceful, the player is in a shooter where you have to destroy the enemy space ships.If the research of new planets are not yet completed, this platform game where the player travels to an unknown planet, collecting unique artifacts and getting to know and not very peaceful creatures.If space exploration is quite successful, and starships is also familiar as the car today, prepare to race in outer space, where in a vacuum to outperform rivals.It is not necessary that the ships were online amusements, games are very diverse.Players can offer confusing quest or search objects in space.It happens that the space is used for decoration.Say, logic games or puzzles, in which there is only the visible elements of space.But there is a lot of similar games of loyal fans, have fun, it is from this combination.Because space games online attract people as unusual atmosphere and a variety of genres.However, the more they are interesting.Naturally, this game is perfect for fans of science fiction.Regardless of age all of them dream of becoming a pilot star liner or researcher mysterious planets.And even basic graphics of computer games in flash format does not limit their imagination.