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Online games mazes, which must find a way to the proposed closed space.

Distracted from the problems: find a way out of the maze Human always attract the secrets and mysteries.And the more complex the task, the more zealously he tries to solve it.Of course there are lazy people who dismiss challenges and otherwise shirk their solutions.Maze game is not for the lazy.From the first time to solve this puzzle is unlikely to succeed.But after all the players are not looking for easy ways.You can get lost in the woods, you can - in a new city, get lost in the maze of the easiest.It's designed specifically for a person to lose their orientation in space.Elementary recurrence curves and lines leads to the fact that people no longer understand where he was.Confusion - is a bad counselor, and spatial reasoning skills and the ability to determine its location on the terrain available, of course, not for everyone.Those who like to play mazes, will remember the legend of the Minotaur.Only with the help of Ariadne and Theseus a clue Argonauts made it out alive and unscathed from the ingenious traps.Lovers of a maze game thread no.It is an opportunity to measure themselves with the computer and check yourself attracts players.What is essentially a maze?Mentally imagine this puzzle and you will see that the maze is perhaps the most complex spatial task.That's because, while inside the maze, it will take many skills - the ability to remember the path, spatial perception, and basic visualization.To find out, you need to keep in mind not all false turns, and mentally draw a map.Just because a person is able to find the right path.What do the people who are deprived of the nature of these skills?For them, there is a simple, but faultless rule, which many of you know, called the "Rule of the left hand."If you touch the wall with your left hand and move through the maze without lifting his hand for a moment, meekly following all the curves or the corridors of the labyrinth, a man sooner or later, will be at the exit.Because the maze - it is nothing but a long, long broken line, the beginning and the end of which is the entrance and exit.This rule does not fail in the real world.Maze game there by their rules.In this sense, the virtual world is real simple.Find the exit in the maze game is easier than in a similar situation in real life.We can say that the player originally given the very map of the maze.He can only find a way out.Care in many gaming reality helps to distract from problems.Therefore, to get away from problems is almost the same as the way out of the maze.