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Online Games Ice Age - a priceless gift to fans of the cartoon Film and Empire computer games have been transformed into an integral whole.And it is unlikely they are now able to live without each other.Because people have a habit very quickly.And now, when output sequel popular animated film does not complement the release of dozens or even hundreds of computer games based on the masterwork, the fans will be very unhappy.Wanting to prolong the pleasure to communicate with their favorite characters, they will rivet homemade toys.Because in such cases, even the world-famous companies prefer to ignore the violation of copyright.Ice Age 3 game can not be considered an exception.Such appeasement explained.Why fight the popular film of his brainchild?It is clear that as long as the characters like, you can continue to profit from the extensions of the cartoon, as well as licensed products for fans.That is what happened to the series of animated films Ice Age.Often follow one after another, a third, and by far the last, to please fans in 2009.Now, users can easily find a huge number of notions, based on the animated Ice Age.In the games with pleasure play to pass the time before the release of the fourth part of the cartoon about the life of prehistoric animals, which is scheduled for the summer of 2012.It is noticed that the players it does not matter how well the game handed plot animated film.Players - large and small - just love to meet once again with a furry family of Manny and Ellie, Sid restless baby, and with the saber-toothed tiger Diego.Naturally, in a secret competition Audience unconditionally leads Skrat crazy squirrel.No wonder she and her precious acorn often become the "face" of adventure gaming.Most fans are starting to play Ice Age 3 just for the sake of this unique character.Because, ignoring the plot source, game developers still trying to preserve the look of the characters, their character and demeanor.Caring about the characters helping to plunge into the atmosphere of crazy adventures and funny situations.Do you want to do this?Then the Ice Age game online collection for you.Premiere of the fourth part of the cartoon is to wait.A fun game to not have to wait.For fans of the cartoon, Ice Age 2 game too.They, like all others, can be downloaded.And you can play for free.