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Mahjong games - colorful oriental fun Years go by, but not quenched Europeans' interest in unique, full of secrets and mysteries of Eastern culture.This is not surprising - it is diametrically opposed to our own, and in the imagination of Europeans seem exotic, sometimes frightening, and very attractive.Try on a very strange behavior, understand the logic of the Oriental type of thinking - this insight into a foreign culture is available only highbrow intellectuals.Teenagers - and sometimes more than growns - in awe of the anime.Homegrown designers furnish your house according to Feng Shui, the Chinese adding color to "stuff", attracting well-being and happiness.Girls for a course in which a relatively small amount of promise to reveal the secrets of seduction and seduction, trained Japanese geisha.And the army of many thousands of office workers enthusiastically develops Mahjong: Play online free game can be in any place where there is Internet access.Mahjong homeland - China.There are two types of traditional oriental entertainment - and solitaire game in which you want to remove a pair of identical objects.What exactly clean: tiles, pictures and plaques decide developers.Mahjong Solitaire, by the way, can not be called truly a Chinese invention.The idea of ​​this virtual fun in 1981 came up with Brody Lokardu.The truth, according to the creator, he just adapted to the format of computer games China game that usually happy children play.The game hit the spot for gamers around the world, age is also no longer be relevant.Everybody can play mahjong online for free, so the board game is becoming more diverse.The essence of the game of Mahjong, of course, constant, flash designers and programmers conjure only on interfaces and concepts.It is hardly necessary.Mahjong Solitaire - an interesting puzzle game that helps gladly "kill" time.There are players who prefer to get out of the box custom made skilful wood-carvers, set.But most want to play Mahjong for free online.The advantage of the CBT is that its capacity is much wider.It is not so much in the visual design, but in the advanced options.Popularity of the game is obvious.Choosing for rest and relaxation, mahjong, play online for free every day, millions of people want.Fans of games live anywhere.Important only access to the Internet, nationality does not matter.Chinese-born game really has become a favorite fun online world.