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Online games involving cars Makvin with cartoon Cars and Cars 2

Online games Makvin: dynamic race with favorite cartoon hero Boys of all ages literally melt when he saw a beautiful car.That is why one of the Transformers animated series while overshadowed all other animated films.Boy's mind was excited not only the robots, but also for their ability to transform into different types of vehicles.Until now, all kinds of online resources dedicated to the TV series, become a platform for debate about what kind of car cooler.Someone on the side of the fire truck, the embodiment of "alter ego" Autobot leader Optimus Prime.Some, on the contrary, an ardent admirer of the fantastic car, which transforms the main desptikon Megatron.Here lies the secret of the popularity of toys transformers.I was the happy owner of both the robot and, of course, a favorite toy car.Times change, idols, too.Transformers before the feature film and short cropped shaggy fellows were indifferent.Their attention is completely captured the other cars - characters from the American cartoon "Cars."The authors did not come up with an original idea, and went to the cartoon world trodden road - humanizing the characters, placing them on the windshield, expressive eyes, so that each car and found his own character.It must be said that the idea was realized very well: cars from the "wheelbarrows" are bright and touching, which attracted both boys and girls.Perhaps this is why the game with the same enthusiasm Makvin play and daughters and sons.Of course, future enslaver of men's hearts is more animation and story development of the hero, high-speed vehicle called Makvin and elegant Porsche Sally Carrera.In love with the boys race more interesting twists and turns and all kinds of racing model cars, which are depicted in the cartoon living beings capable of feeling and thinking, there is in these machines and character traits.The script online games difficult accommodate the full range of emotions.However, the game Makvin attract children, causing great interest.Playing games, based cartoon "Cars", is presented not as a race car driver, and the image Makvina, that is the car.Character is not necessarily carefully drawn.Fans Makvina cartoon and so love red racing car, if the game will be referred to the name.The fun of the game, children will really get.And parents will like the game: there are almost always hidden dynamic race, so the adrenaline is guaranteed.