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Virtual Nail Salon: Create your nails of your dreams!The girls also want to be beautiful.Want to dress fashionably, make stunning hairstyles, go to beauty salons.And what a beauty without a manicure and pedicure?Naturally, no.Girls do not think that all those fancy "Baubles" - an entertainment for growns and they take care of the beauty of the nails just yet.And one of the girls in my dreams opens his own manicure.Not a small cozy office in an inexpensive salon and a real chic salon where celebrities will be coming.That's why manicure games for girls are so popular.Most often, the heroines of these games become "stars": Popular actress, model, singer.In short, the idols of girls of all ages.Manicure or pedicure such beauties - a pleasure.So the games for girls online manicure does not look like a normal boring life.Clearly, in any even tiny barber can do a manicure and pedicure.Master, giving time for your hands and feet, easily lead them into order.Of course, the needs of our customers - the law, but in an inexpensive salon offering is likely to classical models nail care.Maybe it's practical, but not interesting.Especially in adolescence, when really want to experiment with looks.It is unlikely that parents will be delighted with the experiments on himself, so that the virtual nail salon that is exactly what you need girl-teenager.Here you can dream up from the heart, does not limiting ourselves by inventing and implemented stunning design ideas nail.It is no secret that the classic manicure and pedicure games offer to do very often.More popular virtual versions nail design - painting and all sorts of decorations on the nails.Design elements developers come up for a reason, and with the world of fashion trends.So, most recently at the peak of popularity was extreme French manicure, and in games immediately appeared red nails with a green rim around the edge.Manicure games for girls have creative beginning and help develop design skills, in addition, spending time at the computer, girls cultivate good taste.Because varnish, nail shape and length - the elements of the female image.Any girl, developing a sense of style, ever ask yourself, "How long are bright red nails with rhinestones look with my worn jeans and a t-shirt?"When applying nail polish, she will choose a softer color.It is so feminine tricks learn free games in this category of our website.