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Mario - plumbers who know everything Today's boys and girls are unlikely to understand that awe with which children in the past took up precious cartridge with legendary game.It is hard to believe, but with a funny plumber Mario game release is not just a long time, but for decades.In the world of computer games, where tastes are changing as fast as images in a kaleidoscope, it is an eternity.The years go by, and the popularity of banal plot is not reduced.We have to admit: this exciting gameplay combined with the apparent simplicity is no longer with any game.At first glance, the game seems monotonous, but it is misleading.Virtual world lives by his own rules.Destroyed some online empire created by others.Vast Empire, populated by fantastical characters with unique abilities, lose simpleton Mario.Lose unconditionally, without even trying to fight.It is not a normal character, Mario - The Legend game industry.Is it any wonder that the web resources are full of offers to play mario online for free?The number game is not reduced.Mario - the competition.Thus all attempts to turn the legendary game in a three-dimensional graphical perfect miracle bills fail.Mario Games Online - a worthy continuation of the legendary series.Naturally, neither of which paid access to the game it is not!Try to cash in on someone else's fame can be, the user would think to pay.So where has Mario games to play for free or play for money you will not be offered.About online game developers have to say about Mario separately.It is no secret that most of these children were playing Mario.Of course, for them to build a flash version of the legendary game - matter for the elite.Because embody a legend in modern creation, dating to detail, with due respect, not making anything of his own, retaining the traditional atmosphere and gameplay are not everything.Therefore the invitation to "play mario online" means only one thing: the online version of the classic is the same with anything.First, do not be creative in the gameplay: Mario must jump on the heads of enemies, along the way finding mushrooms and coins, and in the final to find the "watchtower".Any special effects and weapons are unnecessary.Second, the classic story.He also must stay.Mario rescues friends.And nothing more.Any changes in the plot to make the game boring one day.There are classical canons, in another Mario game play impossible.That is, to play, of course, possible, but it will not be Mario.