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Medal of Honor: classic shooter for everyone The presence in the gaming space of the Internet a variety of different online entertainment has no effect on the total number of fans of classic shooter.Simply put, how to shoot, and continue to shoot.And some just like to shoot from any weapons and would download all the games just appeared in the description of which flashed the word "shooter", trying an interesting novelty.But others - ardent fans one of the many serial shooters.For fans not to download and play online Medal of Honor is not a regular shooter.That being said, a classic of the genre.The storyline of the game Medal of Honor is simple.First there were the events of the Second World War, but by the time the last game of the memory of the Great Patriotic decided not to bother.And, by the will of the creators, gamers are at the epicenter of the Soviet-Afghan conflict with the Taliban.No need to look clearly built storyline.All those who decided to play online, Medal of Honor offers a simple dive into the world of the war with its inherent lack of logic and the need to be persistent.Getting out of an ambush, rescue comrades, he found himself surrounded, throw your group of people to a place of accumulation of the enemy - these jobs are not connected by a common storyline.Perhaps, they are united by a single fact - the more enemies will be destroyed, the steeper will be the character.Naturally, there is no shortage of enemies.If hundreds of thousands of mutants along the way of the hero in some games, with difficulty, but believed (causes mutations is unknown), the number of Taliban target, many times more than the population of Afghanistan strongly denies playing a hint of realism.However, fans of shooters and not looking for another - the more enemies, the better.Especially considering the fact that you can shoot a rifle and a machine gun.The effectiveness of this attack is much higher.From programmers and flash designers do not expect an exact reconstruction of the events or creating jobs strictly in the spirit of the time.Fairly amateurish impression of the atmosphere of wartime.For this task the authors consulted, a game about the war in the real earth, amid the usual landscapes.What is important for the individual fans of the genre, which strongly recognize fiction and plays only realistic shooters, of course, the weapon must also be as close to reality: rifles and machine guns, machine guns and pistols.If such gamers still love to play online, Medal of Honor necessarily their interest.Incurred for interest and subsequent long hours at the computer does not have to pay, the game is completely free.