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play online games on the likeness of those who wants to be a millionaire, or the first million.

Become a millionaire just - play on our site!And have you ever had the desire to be a millionaire?Options you can set, but offer only four: yes, no, was long ago, and this is possible?The proposed scheme certainly reminded viewers popular programs.She walked on our TV under two different names, but the principle remained the same intellectual show: questions, excitement, tips, answers - the coveted million in the final.Not all of the viewers of the show saw the player responsible for the most recent issue.Incidentally, in those days, when the show was popular, many people do not know that the format of the show not from here.Bought it, of course, not in the near abroad.Of course, the ocean, and more precisely in the U.S., the idea of ​​this project, where players will fight with questions, trying to reach the coveted million.Then the transmission started to wander the world, appearing in many different countries.Beautiful and spectacular, with slightly mocking host, the show was for our viewers something new.Because before that there were only draws the mouth "Field of Miracles" and the extremely serious connoisseurs oldest TV program "What?Where?When?".We did not feel like seriousness, demanded change of heart, that is, this spectacular show.And entertainment from the U.S. to give the audience exactly what you need.After a short time, and in our life came another millionaire, play online which could any Internet user, regardless of its erudition and without passing the pre-selection.It's about a networked computer game that has a lot of mobile versions.True, our reality could decrease the intensity of emotions in the studio and screen.At stake in Russia - a million in local currency.Therefore, the style of the game has changed.If the Americans lacked a heavy sum to secure a further comfortable life, our fellow citizens, get a second immutable sum, continued on.It is clear that each country had to take risks in the different categories of money.Now the show is not as popular as before.But the network remained pile "scams", inviting in such shows online.They promise a real benefit, but as a rule, it is a regular "divorce" in the money.Do not be fooled, do not send the required SMS.It is better to play one of the games in this category.These awards do not get, but also to pay for the game does not have to.By the way, the format of the quiz How to Be a Millionaire game allows any person.Because hover over a window with the correct answer can be anyone, and the baby, and the older man.And the questions are constructed in such a way that it will be interesting to all.