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World of Tanks: powerful, fast and maneuverable tanks waiting for you!Tank simulator, among kids more commonly known as "tanchiki" for decades remain stably popular game product.Play online tank simulator want as often as in the shooters, platformers, racing or fighting, perhaps even more.The reasons for such popularity is difficult to determine.Apparently, this military equipment has a peculiar charm, resist that can not no boy.Because the tank - heavy duty weapon that player can control, maneuver and shoot.In short, if you want to play online, World of Tanks is waiting for you!You can certainly pick up another virtual Boomstick, but to become the commander of a combat vehicle is much more interesting.Therefore, developers create games about tanks in unlimited quantities.There are basic and can be said too simple tanchiki style Battle City in a variety of variations, and severe MMORPG, based on tank warfare.Stands out against other similar subjects entertainment game World of Tanks.Its authors - Belarusian programmers, and they have something to be proud of.Crowds of fans do not sleep during the day and night, and again back to the brutal armored clashes taking place on the scheme, taken out of the Great Patriotic War - the Soviet Union and its allies against Nazi Germany.World of tanks like, first of all, realistic.Here are a gamer for sure it hits the tank pink, decorated with floral prints or bright scarlet hearts, a model of which defies classification.If the choice of tank simulators, planning to play online world of tanks leaves far behind all its competitors.The developers of this game carefully copied a real model fighting vehicles that fought in the Great Patriotic War.And it is not only acting, but also experimental model.Such a fate is a multi-ton German "mouse" - adopt a Maus tank Nazi troops did not have time.But in the game he is, and his position is one of the key.The game also maintained the balance of power with the historical truth.The player controlling the legendary "Thirty" against the player's "Tiger" is unlikely to hold out, but if desired, and specific skills is quite capable of inflicting serious damage.Especially if the T-34 will support colleagues in arms.So about was during the Second World War.Be assured, sitting at the monitor and plan to play online, World of Tanks will not disappoint.If you have an interest in tank warfare and the desire to play, sign up, and start to learn the basics of military skills in a virtual world.