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Music games online - a gift to everyone who loves music and wants to become a star Musicians - idols of most teens.Idols, because the rich, beautiful, talented and famous.Their houses are worth a lot of money, and their voices are insured for astronomical sums with many zeros."Stars", shining on the stage, loved and venerated by millions of fans want to be like them.What girl does not present itself with a microphone in his hand?How many boys give up their own musical group?But ability is not for everyone.And not everyone needs to be able to sing and play various musical instruments.But to be in place "star" the dream of many.To anyone able to make a dizzying musical career and understand that music - especially labor, and only then the beauty and wealth, and developed a musical game.One reason for their popularity: fans of various music styles are coveted skill game for the love of his idol.Most are trying to master the guitar, some singing, and then spread to the amateur video network.Taunts are not uncommon.But the game industry has a different, original way to try your hand at music while waiting for you just a lot of fun.What else can give music games online?A unique opportunity to sing your favorite hits, play almost any musical instrument or just come to be a moment in the body of the star.These games are simple, but interesting.So, the game Guitar Hero will take you to the world of rock music.Turn into a guitarist, vocalist and drummer, who need a step by step way to go and be a star at Olympus.The final test will be a battle with Satan himself, and the prize - a well-deserved title of Guitar Hero.Management of clear and simple: only 6 buttons on the keyboard, and mouse.But the game has its own nuances.In the final chords have to fulfill real-life songs.Of course, not an easy!For beginners, there is a mode in which you can turn off the string.It would take hours of training, but the patient will be able to skillfully play your favorite songs, and the game to master all four strings.Music games for girls, of course, differ from the toys for boys.There is a singing pig, butterfly and fairy, colorful forest orchestras.And this, of course, not all the characters of these games.Characters known to all music games.Girls do not always like to rock, but hardly any of the little girls will refuse to play on the same stage with your favorite band, for example, with Ranetki.