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Backgammon long: resilient classic in a modern format It is now in our minds and computer game almost inseparable.More recently, we were playing in the yard or with friends, or at home using a special board or the board.And the history of these games has centuries, and even millennia.Thus, chess - one of these games, over which timeless.Year, century, millennium ...But the fascination of the game still shows the high level of human intelligence.Of course, chess is not only the world-famous game with a rich past.You can, for example, the name still and backgammon.Given that the search term "online backgammon long play" today is quite popular, the game just is not only real, but also the virtual future.Of course, you can still call a lot of games, about which there is no halo chosen, but they also require a serious mental effort.Conventional bombs are not so simple as they think.And among the card games just have dozens that are rightly considered and intelligent, and interesting.What is wrong with computerization?Remember, just a few decades ago, the simplest code, which today is in the mathematical textbooks for secondary school, recognized so perfect that use it to encrypt messages of national importance.To decrypt these messages needed to pick up some four billion digital combinations.Only modern computers have made this task fun.In games, computers also indispensable.So, people, keen chess, no longer preoccupied with finding opponents, because programs distributed on the Internet, is smart enough to create a rival, the level of training which is the master of sports.These gaming programs are available today for any user.The same can be said of the other ancient game called backgammon.This game was born more than fifty centuries ago.Water under the bridge is not small, but the rules have not changed.Survived and divided into two kinds of Backgammon: long and short.A flash designers turn your game into a real global entertainment.In the search engines and then flashes the phrase "long play online backgammon": witness the unprecedented popularity of the ancient game.So anyone who does not want to play backgammon fearing for the safety of the contents of own pocket, should carefully study this section of our site.Here is placed the largest collection of online versions of the game of backgammon.There is no registration or fee.Simply select the game, open the page and enjoy the game with a really long history!