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Karramba!Pirates of the Caribbean with us again!As a child, every educated boys were books about pirates.Outside, he could be a bully and a tomboy, but could be meek and inconspicuous, but the sea always raved.Books from the series "Library of Adventures" passed each other, and were read to tatters.How could you miss the chance to read the stories of pirates?They were so different: the noble and romantic, unscrupulous and cruel.The latter, oddly enough, a rarity.For some reason, it was thought that a noble robbers in the blood.Due to such glamor, all the boys wanted to without exception are sailing.Not only books, but also movies about pirates are incredibly popular.Especially now, when the movie was bright and colorful, and the book, if he had, it is only electronic, and even then rarely.Good movies about the adventures of the pirates can name a few, but Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, out of competition.From it, by the way, not only the boys loved it.Girls are also happy to look at Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp handsome.Naturally, the Corsairs will long to gather a crowd of fans.As at the TV screens and the monitors.It is clear that without the computer games are not done.Interest in the film necessarily leads to a game where its storyline and recognized by millions of motives.The basis of the game Pirates of the Caribbean this is no exception.There is also the favorite characters and recognizable plot.Moreover, although in the modern game industry this is rather rare, plot outline game sends players to direct blockbusters Gore Verbinski.The fact that the company "Akella" - the owner of the license and its direct developer, no one would dispute.It is immediately clear to the naked eye.The game does not violate the rights of the majority of action games: it has a lot of quests, as forming the storyline and the secondary.The players have to pass all the tests in the form of Nathaniel Hawk, which heads the ship "Mercury".Initially, the player must help the governor to free the colony from invaders Oksbey.But the governor does not appreciate the merits, behave ugly.Thus leaving no choice Hauck, he will become a formidable pirate.A game tasks continue.Pirates will have to find the treasure, rescue beautiful girls, fight monsters and people.The plot of the game Pirates of the Caribbean is so fascinating that you can not come off.Immerse yourself in the exciting naval battles, without spending a dime.Become a pirate of the Caribbean!And let all the problems will drown in a sea of ​​fun!