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Pets online games, for those who want to take care of a virtual crumbs Everyone remembers how much emotion was in children and adolescents from the famous Toys "Tamagotchi."These emotions are not always happy and pleasant.If virtual cub did not pay enough attention, he could get sick and even die.A possible result of reset and raise another pet Japanese game creators, not provided.For children who genuinely care about the little animals, it became a real shock.Not infrequently, the first clash with the theme of suicide and permanent loss.Even in this virtual version of the child's mind could not sustain.Hundreds of Japanese teenagers have attempted suicide, and the cause of death has become "Tamagotchi."Naturally, there were whole cemetery where buried "dead" toys.After analyzing the scale of the disaster, the creators have finished the game, and there was a reset button.By the same method was applied by developers and flash designers of children's games on the birth and upbringing of virtual kitten, bear or puppy.If you long to play online games, pets do not die.Animal continues to live, if not taken care of him for several days.It misses, loses weight and can lose points earned.There is another option if the game has several levels, go to the next step will not work if the player is no longer time to feed, water and walk their virtual baby.These games will not harm your baby.But the ability to be responsible for a living being, to care for him, the child, of course, will be grafted.Carefully traced, cute pets make the game fun in the infinitely touching.When a child or young person looks sad eyes furry kitten, few can dismiss the desire to find yourself such crumbs.But if you have to take care of a virtual baby, be prepared for difficulties.Some simulators pets made as realistic.The child must be patient.Often requires pet food or water insistent meow, but if ignored his requests, points immediately drop.The tray to regularly clean and pussy entertain.Therefore, if a child wants to have a private little animals, offer him along with you to play online games pet.After explaining the rules, leave the child alone with the computer.Restless and impatient kids get tired after 10 minutes.Then tell them that in real life all the more difficult.Patient children contrary, successfully growing virtual pet will understand a lot.So these games bring only good at all stages of a child's character.