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Online Games Escape: escape can only patiently and attentively The dissatisfaction of some people disturbed low intelligence of today's youth, it is not justified, because the logic puzzle game involving just the mind, consistently rank high in the ranking string of virtual entertainment.Today people also have a need to do intellectual gymnastics, finding nontrivial solutions and test their own observation.Series of games, where the main challenge is seeking a way out of a locked room at the locks - proof.It is obvious that these games do not play "coterie" highbrow intellectuals, and all sorts of people.This game genre for a long time recognized the mainstream.Escapes from the tomb, a prison cell, hospital room, basement or a dark stone well for the prisoners take many teenagers slum offices, housewives, generations of grandparents, have mastered the computer in recent years.You can even run away with the tedious homework.When choosing a place to escape certain criteria there is no age limit for players.Quite crumbs games, escape in which the main objective is unlikely to attract.To successfully solve a difficult puzzle requires finding tenacious attention and perseverance.Sometimes, out looking for a few hours.All this time the player, of course, is in the same location.Venue to painstakingly explore to find the necessary items that are encrypted instructions, secret codes, and lots of other things that are required for your salvation.Under the terms of the game escape is always possible, but you need some effort.There is one condition, which is observed in all games of this type: they all step by step.The player needs to find and use previously developed algorithm of actions by its creators.For example, until the player finds a mountain of papers piled with paper clip, it will not be able to open the precious box, which is written on a piece of cardboard from the safe code, which is ... and so on.Fans do not need to explain what these games for many years recognized cult.Chosen people who play it, emphasizes the myth of intelligence or originality "Selected from prison."But in reality, these games require only observation, perseverance and patience.If it is not clear to what to combine objects that may need to click on each in turn.Will also help the Internet.In many forums have long lined otgadki to all riddles, surely there is a passage and those games that are available in this section of our website.