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Virtual Railway: surprises and adventures await you!One would think that might be more prosaic and more boring than working on the railroad?Conductors and machinists have long been among the, to put it mildly, not very prestigious professions, and the view of rolling slowly along the rails train very few people will want to rush off to the edge of the world.Rails that extend far forward and lonely train - the cat is, reality.But virtual railroad prepared players a lot of pleasant surprises!They especially like the boys, who raved about his childhood dream of traveling and to learn how to operate this train.Virtual trains, of course, is not the same, but in their own charm.For example, in real life, no one will give the engineer "drive" on the train, checking the maximum that the machine is able to give.Do not face the railroad in their work and with a touch of the robbers.But robbing trains are very popular in Hollywood westerns and certainly loved by many moviegoers.Naturally, online games, trains, in which he played a major role, could not avoid his attention this story.Militants are transferred from film to film an episode of fighting heroes caught in a moving car, so often, that it is considered a cliche.Yet, although the source is forgotten everything but the real fans or film theorists, creators can reproach flaw in the movie, if there will be no fight on the roof of the car.Very much they are spectacular.Naturally, these episodes are widely used in the games, thus expanding their range and increasing the number of fans of online entertainment.A large part of train fans loves racing games on the train.Still, it's a drive - race on the rails, driving a huge train.(There is also an option, and not just unhooked locomotives.) Choosing such races, be prepared for difficulties.Of course, useful skills from similar games of this type - you need to be faster virtual opponents, maneuver well, to be able to stop, not to lose control, speeding, as it should.But, as fans of online games, the trains are not so easily tamed.Maximum precision is required - not to move out from the railway tracks is much harder than not to fall into the ditch on the usual racing.Well represented in this section of the catalog segment of logic games.Check for the logic is not beyond the scope - for example, to pave the way for the train from point N to point M, with the forks or arrows that must be translated.Statistics such games on our site shows that the railway games - an audience in the hundreds of clicks per day.So updates - daily.