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Fashion Online: Feel like a celebrity fashion designer!Altruists believe: "Kindness will save the world."Aesthetes argue with them, in their view, only beauty can save the world.Do hairdressers and dieticians another favorite phrase: "Beauty requires sacrifice."Harmony in the world do not.It is unclear what it requires and what saves, undeniably one: beauty was, is and will be, although the notion of beauty at everyone.The sister of beauty - fashion, capricious lady, but very attractive.From early childhood, girls want to be fashionable and stylish: bows and hairpins must fit the color of the dress and shoes - combined with socks.It is for these young ladies and created games for girls fashion show.Sitting at a computer, the baby can feel like a real fashion designer.After all, on the podium of their favorite Barbie or Bratz, and coming up with costume girls themselves.No, of course, come up with details of clothing and drew flash designers, but to decide what exactly the doll come to the podium player to own.Games in this category - bright, colorful, each of them has its own peculiarity.Usually fashion online begins with the fact that the player must choose the model - the heroine or hero, a young fashion designer, sitting in front of a computer, you can dramatically change the look of the character.Selected skin tone, hair and eye color, and shape of the face, figure and hair.After all the manipulations, you can proceed to the second stage - the selection of clothes and shoes.Here a girl is supposed to demonstrate a sense of style and taste, to show that the ability to dress - a true art.Regardless of the game, the fashion for girls - a genre, it is clear at once.To create the desired image access everything, including underwear and winter coats.Nothing prevents the flight of your imagination.For example, you can pick up everyday clothing or attire that is perfect for the office.You can send a person on the beach, to a party or a wedding.As you know, the finished image will come out only by correctly chosen accessories.Here and various jewelry, umbrellas and hats, and handbags, and eyewear.Fantasy flash designers in this issue is really limitless.Presented here and the game that have a specific focus.Say, a fashion show the bride or groom, the fashion for Christmas or carnival days, creating the image of a light spring or winter fairy dress.Once a character is ready to go to the podium to begin enchanting fashion show where your model will appear before flashlights.To the delight of the girls in most games, it is possible to print the result to a printer or copy to your computer.