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Online Games Pokemon: Pikachu and his friends with us again!Japanese anime characters can flourish in the world of computer games.Yellow-haired boy Naruto - saving the world, the heroes of the movie "Kung Fu Panda" and Pokemon - traveling in search of adventure.I must say, the anime characters can not imagine their life without adventure.Then they go to the tournament, on the way learning the art of martial arts, so they need to demonstrate that protects the planet from an unknown threat.In this sense, the popular cartoon characters of Pokemon are no different from others, they have a goal - to catch strange animals.If you carefully look into the structure of the animated series, it becomes clear: The authors have come up with a cartoon game.Heroes, if they do not animated, and game, step by step improved, increasing the level of the skill.Profession that they purchase is right for fighting tournaments, that is, it is similar to a specialization in the MMORPG.It does not matter that it was before - the game or anime.The main thing is that from series to series, or in the game Pokemon change.And one more interesting fact.Before computers, not only in Japan but also in the West children to play card games, collectible.Probably all seen in American movies teens changing cards featuring baseball stars.This is the most that on is the classic card game, a collectible.And the majority of these games there is one more feature - complete the set is quite fun to play with each other, by observing certain rules.That such a scheme is used in the animated series about Pokemon.Heroes are different critters, and then use them to compete for the title of best master.The computer age has given us online games, built on the principle of card-collector.They complemented the usual signs of this type of games MMORPG elements: the player moves the level of skill and his charges can also be pumped, get the bonus.Principle is so caught in the gaming industry, which Pokémon games are so loved, arranged in this way.Dozens, if not hundreds, of game scenes with Pokemon Pikachu swept the web.And this is not surprising.The setting is selected in such a way as to make the game more comfortable, bright and interesting characters.In short, the game world is ready.Not difficult to come up with new plot twists, characters invite to the next tournament.To pay for the pleasure will not have a penny, so all the fans can enjoy the adventures of Pikachu favorite character without fear of ruin.