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Poker - speed chess for smart and strong-willed Poker - a game for willed nature with nerves of steel, able to control their emotions and use the weaknesses of others.There sure to confirm to the golden mean: very dangerous to go too far, but extreme caution is also lead to the loss.Only the person who knows when to quit and when to bluff, can expect to win.In poker, as in any other game, has its own strategy, not even one.But deciding for themselves how to play poker, you need to continue to evolve in the game.Everyone knows no regrets "recipes" no.So, too loose player (traditionally called a loose people, unnecessarily raising rates) can pressure and bold pro cheerleaders, who suspected him of being a strong hand, but a beginner will not notice the potential hazards and have the opportunity to knock loose a few hands.But not passive play will be the key to success.Partners on the game can quickly spend a few parties, accumulate an impressive stack, the blinds increase and passive player will crush big bets.No need to rush into battle, once learned the game.Poker likes thoughtful and patient.At first, it is better to organize tournaments with your friends.And the stakes will let a match.Or play poker online for free.Ironically, the network has a website, where they play on the chips without money.This practice will learn to anticipate the moves of your opponent and recognize a bluff that will certainly come in handy in a real game.The game poker uniform rules, but they can change, and sometimes considerably, depending on the kind of game.Texas Holdem and Omaha, Stud Poker and Drew - each its "pitfalls" and secrets.Naturally, in any kind of do not need to re-evaluate their strength.Poker - a subtle psychological game, so the experience of playing on the network is not enough to get a feel for the real master of the poker table.The monitor does not see those rivals, but also to hide their emotions do not need.While in the real poker room your smile tells rivals a lot and can lead to the loss of large sums of money.Why professional players are so fond of sunglasses.And they sorted cards, chips, or flick your finger on the cloth.Everyone has their own way to relieve stress and settle emotions during the game.Before you sit down at a poker table, decide for yourself what you poker: a sports game or a way to make money?Maybe if you play poker for free fun game to be more?Answers will help the game on this page, which are completely free, but no less interesting.