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Games Field of Miracles - online entertainment for the whole family Rating TV game Field of Miracles in the distant now 90 was very high.Then, people did not understand the word rating, but together, as a family with grandparents, and grandchildren sat watching television on Friday night.The first issues of "capital-show" led intelligent Vlad leaves.Now, the transfer of few people remember, so all used to Arkadievich Leonid Yakubovich.His image, more easily recognizable gray curls and mustache, and the creators are using computer games.This is quite natural.What kind of "capital-show" may be without Leonid Abramovich?He really became a beloved idol and everyone's favorite.Participants TV gave him gifts so often that the show's writers had to create Fields Museum of Wonders.Participate in the show would not only Russians, but also the citizens of the former Soviet republics.Attracted people and the fact that at all stages of the game Field of Miracles could get a gift, and if the player refuses the prize, he received a certain amount of money.Unknown, because all the case solved.Not for nothing the American analogue show called "Wheel of Fortune."Fortune's worth turning to face the player, and then sounded: "The car in the studio!".People love to Leonid Arkadievich is understandable: it is like a gold fish, meet the desires of people.Times have changed.Now the car can not be called an elusive blue dream.Most of us can afford the purchase.As they say, a car loan to help you.Maybe that's why "Miracle Field," which continues to show the Channel on Friday, is not collected at the screens the whole family.Yes, continue to watch a TV show, but more out of habit and not finding anything more interesting.Regularities exist in the entertainment empire: the game show had its peak of popularity and its location.However, it has stayed in the distant now 90.Which, of course, does not preclude wanting to play browser-based game based on the game show.Designers set themselves the task is not so much load brain sitting before the monitor guessing letters or words as possible to accurately reproduce the atmosphere of the famous studio (now it is framed differently).Field of Miracles games give an opportunity to plunge into the past, when the capital-view show on Friday was, without exaggeration, a family tradition.And then the simple little game with a huge drum, prizes, and a smile was leading the competition and amazingly ridiculous KVN and intellectual club connoisseurs.To repeat this success with a similar transmission format is unrealistic, but you can play.That is what offers you a free subject selection of games on our site.