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Online Games Pony virtual horse owners looking for!By long habit growns see children's favorite pony.It is unknown why there was such an opinion.Perhaps the reason - the size of the animal.It's tiny, "children's" horse.And kids always like smaller versions of things from the grown world.They enthusiastically go on a mini-machine, nurse Babies, babies, furnish dollhouses.And be sure to want to find yourself a pony.You can not spend time explaining that to play a pony is not suitable.Kid will not listen explain growns, he wants to make friends with a cute loschadkoy.Although sometimes chat with a tiny horse can turn into a very real baby stress.The tortured city pony with broken hooves on the asphalt, forced fun kids earn money for the owners, can produce attentive and caring child painful impression.After all, the baby used to the horse with the screen, which are able to talk, joke and have fun jumping.Pony of the cartoons do not get tired and do not look at the world with such sadness.Be prepared for the pony rides in one of the parks can turn into tears and cries of "horses mind!No need to torture her!".I do not need to explain to your child ahead of time that the human tendency to make fun and force people to exploit animals.Not the fact that the child will understand it correctly.For the time from some of the best experiences the baby fencing.How to do it?There are a lot of ways.For example, using computer games.Touching and funny pony jumping on the screen, will love both girls and boys.Browser games characters with ponies often become famous horses living in the wonderful kingdom Ponivill.Colored pony so pathetic that even growns enjoy.Naturally, the child immediately become attached to these virtual pets, will be delighted with combing their tails and manes braided, decorate their home or helping to carry out simple tasks.And also feel that a pet should be taken care of.This understanding is very useful to him, when in your home will be a dog or a cat.Knowing that virtual pony had time to water, feed or issue to run on a green meadow, the baby will closely monitor this pet.Because of the colors and the abundance of pink boys are unlikely to enjoy the game.As for those who like online games for girls pony become best friends.The previous generation of little girls adored toys representing residents Ponivillya.A current copy of their loves, which became the central character of the series games.