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Prince of Persia: The Adventure Continues Anyone who grew up in the world of video games, realizes that the game Prince of Persia belong to one of the most famous series of virtual entertainment.The secret of success lies in a series of exciting gameplay, combined with a gripping storyline and mysterious atmosphere of the East.Video Games, the combined title "Prince of Persia", performed by the classical canons of the genre action adventure combining elements of dynamic action and fascinating quest.Of course, the central figure in this series of games is a Prince.Hero is covered with darkness secret, even his name is kept secret.However, it is known, the Prince is struggling to resist evil, using all available means.Among these should be mentioned a remarkable ability to control your own with a stunning performance.At each stage of the game Prince of Persia proves to him there are no barriers or obstacles.After all, any character can jump the gap, using the materials at hand, and his phenomenal ability.In addition, Prince has great swords and other weapons, and due to the flexibility of the body, every fight is like a deadly dance.If we talk about the game's story, it is also quite interesting.In short, you can tell this: Sultan fought in the war, and his "faithful" Vizier - Jaffar - Attempts to usurp power.He kidnaps the daughter of the Sultan, and gives her the opportunity to think a little bit what to prefer: marriage or death.To stop the insidious Vizier, the Prince will have to escape from the prison, constantly fighting with the guards, guarding the jail, get to Jaffar and beat him in a fair fight.If successful, he will free the Sultan's daughter, will be able to marry her and become a Prince of Persia.But the history of the Prince of Persia, of course, marriage does not end.Many times the power of evil insidiously be separated from his beloved princess.In his subsequent adventures, players will help the Prince defeat the army of sand and prevent the spread of evil, opening the power of the four elements.Their magic prince will multiply his strength and his skills will be a new incarnation.I must say, the game's plot is hardly trivial, because the supernatural Prince turned against him the same, forcing the fight with his own alter ego.Thanks novel game moves and an entertaining plot to play Prince of Persia is not boring.After all, good luck to manage a hero who has so skillfully swords and capable with incredible ease and elegance make difficult tricks, falls very rarely.That's why so many Prince fans.