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Online Games Prototype: Alex Mercer is ready for adventure, and you?By the standards of the game world game Prototype came out a long time ago - back in 2009.Is it any wonder that to date it has managed to acquire a sufficient number of fans of the dynamic action adventure with a clever plot.Game Prototype fans honored their attention cycle of Assassin, there is extraordinary elements of parkour.It is no exaggeration to say that the prototype is able to inspire and motivate people with a completely different range of interests.Gamers will play for a very unusual hero.Alex - a mutant, possessing not only superhuman on strength, speed, or combat skills.The character has an extraordinary ability to absorb any who meet him in the game.Absorption involves not only (and not so much destruction, because it's not important) person, but also the opportunity to further copy his look.Besides appearance Alex accesses memory of the victim.It is out of the player and pieces of memories will reconstruct its history mutations by which a normal (maybe not quite normal?) Boy Alex Mercer was horrible monster.Place of events - is infected with the New York city streets which formally placed under martial law, and actually prevail disorder and panic.By the way, their role in the player too, it stands to be understood later.No this is still far away.Initially have to run around the city, performing a variety of quests in parallel and then absorbing the enemies to the genetic material, without which the development of the game Prototype impossible.Alex Mercer's enemies more than enough - here and the United States Army soldiers, among whom are representatives of special forces, and monsters, and sometimes ordinary people of New York, which affected at one time in the history of the hero.Of course, gamers are unlikely to get tired of your looks.Because defeating and absorbing any enemy, Alex gets his face.So it will run in a completely different role - military, another monster, and if you want, the venerable gray-haired old man or a young girl.But the hero always remain special abilities.For example, instead of growing a deadly whip hand tight, and of course, climb vertical surfaces.Warn fans Assassin: parkour is not the most realistic.Alex does not need support or ledges on the wall, on a steep surface, it moves as fast as on a paved road.Finally, good news for everyone: here the game is absolutely free!