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Rapunzel Games: untangle complicated story Times change, and children too.Today's children, who are not only in the lower grades, but also in kindergarten, are capable of fully "grown" meaningful discussions about life, the classic fairy tale is not interesting.Is that in the modern bold interpretation.Similar to the one a couple of decades ago was used in science fiction films for teenagers.See another candy-sweet story about a sweet, kind and absolutely does not know how to show the character of the princess that yearns in anticipation of a noble, but in all like her prince, except that today will be a tiny baby.Even kindergartners, not to mention mladsheklassnikov already needed an unusual story, pronounced and witty dialogue heroes.Actually, these animated films have always been famous for the company and Walt Disney.Everyone knows about the animated Ariel, Aladdin, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and ...can continue indefinitely.All of these heroes do not look like a faceless embodiment of courtesy or kindness.They are wrong, rude or offend each other, make ambiguous actions, quickly respond to an event.What, of course, like the kids and teenagers.You can not say that these cartoons have no didactic orientation.Is and it just is not filed clumsy, not the forehead.Therefore, in cartoons often include very risky from the point of age rating stage.For example, the game Rapunzel.Tangled, a game in which love and crumbs and adolescents based on the book cartoon rated PG.Combination of letters means that it is desirable for children to watch history in the presence of parents.Of course, nothing illegal or inappropriate for children's eyes this is not a cartoon.Just not here, and sentimentality.The heroine, armed with a frying pan, rogue Flynn Ryder, who would become the Prince Eugene, ambiguous image of the evil sorceress, is sharp, Rapunzel, ironic secondary characters - Rapunzel chameleon friend Pascal, Eugene faithful horse Maximus.By and large, this is the first attempt to Walt Disney animators to create something similar to Shrek - in the manner of the figure, the development of the plot and character images.Attempt to become creative success.The kids truly love Rapunzel.The girls delighted with luxurious blond hair tenth Disney Princess and romance with Eugene.And the boy fell to the liking of strong character and courage of the heroine.children fun to play Rapunzel.Tangled: want to play and the boys and girls.Games with Rapunzel besides more and varied - there are quests with search facilities, and Painting, and shooters, and Action.All - free.