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Online coloring pages for boys: boys decide for themselves what they play Skeptics who all used to seeing only the negative, in one voice say that now in the world creates something unimaginable.It concerns many areas of our lives, including relationships.And to the eternal problem of parents and children is added and the ethical dimension of education.Skeptics argue that has always been important to bring up the boy a man, now that direction shifted.Therefore, boys and girls, and then is heard in the ranks of the discontented, were balanced so that this situation begins to threaten world order.Like, boys in tight jeans, handbags, use cosmetics are considered almost the norm.It is understandable that the games coloring for boys do not fit, but the male children with a pencil in his hand.Paint the boys not as neat as the girls, but the interest - genuine.According to skeptics, even the creators of different media product wrong with the target audience.Thus, in a purely female "stuff" like a teen movie or cartoon Ranetki Winx are enough fans among boys.In this situation, most of the products for girls amazingly easily become unisex.Such metamorphoses occur, for example, traditionally girlish coloring.While the boys looked painted over not normal "male" pictures like Transformers, and a glamorous pink pictures in the style of Winx.Joy skeptics no limits when they see gaming product that, when feasible, proximity to the classic female standard has obvious masculine elements.Do not draw a line label, which would be written: games for boys, coloring are not aggressive, they do not have a shadow of violence.They have all the good qualities of conventional maiden colorings, but the subject matter is uniquely male figures.For example, transformers or cars.In addition, this type of paint give the boys the opportunity to develop their creativity, because the boy's coloring is much more room for creativity than in similar games for girls.The reason is simple: the car or transformer no clear canon color.In other words, the child can not limit your imagination and create a distinctive design that is different from the original.Such games can be called the original tool for the creative development of your crumbs.Make sure it's not difficult, just open one of these games in this section and try to create something on their own.