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Rangers returning, play for free and enjoy!Do you know the magic word tokusatsu?What a beast behind it, you know?If childhood was a happy time in the middle of the 90s, you probably have seen specimens of the genre, even if you do not consider yourself to be fans of modern Japanese culture.Because tokusatsu - a story about superheroes, overcome evil with their high-tech garments, various metamorphoses and transformations in combat vehicles.Particularly active in the film create them Japanese and Americans.As a rule, the basis of such a film is a comic or cartoon.The reason is simple: to draw a fantastic adventure characters endowed with super strength, is much easier than to portray them with special effects.Do you still think about what is it?It's time to remind the cartoon "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" and another classic animation history, the name of which the "Power Rangers."Ninetieth children without separating boys and girls is addicted tokusatsu, with mute adoration in his eyes watching the scene with the characters.Action, special effects, exciting plot - all this "gentleman's set" was a revelation.Such children ninetieth seen before.Therefore, the majority of those who recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday, at the mercy of acute attacks of nostalgia to find on the Web to their favorite games in the recent childhood stories.Bearing in mind that the American corporation «Saban» in 2010, went to work on the "Power Rangers", it is safe to say that computer games Rangers recently experienced a new peak of popularity.The most exciting games of this category, we have gathered here for you.We can not say that all of the gamers who have opened this section - fans of the series.Not only of interest to them rangers.Games with dynamic plot - and here it is such - in principle, capable of interest of any modern boy who likes to shoot enemies from virtual weapons or overcome obstacles in search of artifacts.But contemporaries hardly know why the heroes wear just such a color or a heavy-duty machine called the Rangers.Naturally, the fun of the game is not as strong.And we just want to please longtime fans of the series.So do not hide the fact that on our site you can play dozens of games with the mighty and invincible.You can play while on the network and install the game on your PC or laptop.Completely free of charge, of course.Travel in childhood, when it was absent from the first lesson in the morning to enjoy a repeat of yesterday's series about the Rangers is not worth a dime.