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WWE game - exciting fights on the screen Last years old American TV projects with the martial arts can be seen on our television screens.Modern children with bated breath, as if American teenagers past, watching theatrical programs in which men in a variety of eye-catching colors costumes beat each other to a pulp.Excitement of this show, far from the real-life martial arts, rolls over.Teenagers believe that you can continue to do battle after a stroke, can damage the spine, to survive after you tried to drive his head into the ring.In fact, it's just a colorful spectacle, prepared by professional acrobats or stuntmen.But young people, knowing that it's not a real fight, but the game still wants to believe in their idols, I want to see them fearless and invincible, such as on screen.Against the background of boyish admiration quite naturally wish to play wrestling WWE.Moreover, if the wrestling, and especially his "cousin" armwrestling, familiar to most, the combination of letters can be a little alert.No need to invent anything.Abbreviation for WWE hidden name of the organization that are specifically designed for these spectacular and at the same time cruel show.Interest in the WWE wrestling is not quenched decades.Moreover, this interest is stable, despite the new moves that come to mind are the creators of the show.It is clear that these people are not created or play games WWE wrestling do not plan to do, but in the market, however, in abundance product devoted to the subject.Naturally, there was an abundance of fans not only because of the case.Solid game companies have long acquired the rights to the use of abbreviations in the sonorous realm.The first samples of games appeared on the market as early as you can tell, prehistoric, platformers times.That is, play games WWE gamers like always.In contrast to other thematic games, there are serious limitations.Without exception, all the wrestling games are closed within one genre - a fighting game, that is the essence of games is not changing.Developers try not to miss a single detail to make the game not only bore the imprint reslingskoy subjects.The authors carefully draws all the characters and put much effort into passing air TV shows corporations WWE.However WWE game corporation never advertises.This is not necessary.The desire to feel like a league champion wrestler, having overcome all difficulties, the fans just rolls over.And you become eminent fighter who is not afraid of crushing blows opponent!