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Online games Robots: Artificial Intelligence is ready to battle with the human!With the birth of a word robot (his father, as you know, was Karl Capek) world has changed.You can tell that the person is now living in a densely populated world robots.Diverse.Naturally, the value of the word has changed dramatically.The current understanding only vaguely similar to chapekovskoe.If you remember, a Czech writer saw the robot derived from the word work.Anthropomorphic mechanisms designed to help people, performing arduous labor.But years passed, and the world with the development of science fiction computer technology almost radically changed the understanding of the term.Of course, if we talk about games for boys, robots are ideal.But in ordinary life, robots are more than enough.Now it is real robots are employed in the automotive industry or in the same computer industry.Mechanical manipulators great stamp card, collect the car, and they are able to ultra-precise work.Not so long ago there were androids - robots, which is a program of interaction with the outside world.Among them - the favorite mistresses, robots doing monotonous homework in which they are constantly in contact with people.In short, progress has surpassed forecasts writers and futurists.With the development of computer technology as a problem of moral persuasion.Created for online games robots - so-called bots - is primitive programs that reproduce the dynamics of the human mind.Gradually bots are perfect, we can say more intelligent.Next to us there are more than programs with more powerful intellect, such as search engines.They are indispensable in areas inaccessible to the common user, but the robots are endowed with heuristic methods that allow them to be trained.For example, the program-translator with the module itself is changing dictionary used, learning through interaction with users.However, experience has shown that search engines and other machines are not yet able to really learn from the people.By the way, the rapid development of technology has created new ethical problems.Say, how to answer the question, is it ethical to endow robots will.Not arise if the machine is against us?In the meantime, the real threat of global insurgency not inhabit robots online games and, of course, fiction.These robots do not have anything to do with computer programs, because armed with cannons and blasters.Game about them, of course, are very popular - remember Transformers, Robocop, or other characters.In this part it is such a game-products industry.