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Horns and hooves - an animated film released in 2006.The action takes place in the barnyard, where a secret from the people is pretty rough life.The main outside bull patriarch Ben and Miles mule.They are trying to keep order in the barnyard.But the son of Ben Otis and his team: Freddy the ferret, Peck cock and mouse Pip always somewhere lost.But here in the yard coyotes attack, led by Degom.Pets need to protect themselves.Chief Bull Ben killed, and led the fight to have to Otis.With the newly-found Daisy the cow he starts fighting.Gathering his friends: Eddie, Igga, bada, Pipa, Freddy, Peck, pigs and Miles, he starts fighting.Soon, he runs a gang of coyotes forever.The continuation of this cartoon was an animated series, go out for a few years.In these cartoons again could meet with Otis the bull, which was Bykmenom and leader of the barnyard.Pipom little mouse, nicknamed "Ratslayer."Cow Abby.Suckling pigs, who considers himself a descendant of the royal family.Freddy the ferret, which is constantly hanging around near the barnyard.Rooster Peck.People do not realize that animals can talk, but Mrs. Biddy notices this, and tries to prove it to all his friends.But she can not.Everyone thinks it was crazy.Cartoon gained popularity, and soon after it was created by a large number of computer games.And who have been called - Horns and hooves.Admirers of the cartoon have the opportunity to play the horns and hooves for free on many websites and portals.This series includes a completely different game.There are quite sophisticated toys with many levels, characters, scenes and locations.And there is a relatively simple, but no less interesting, flash toys.Repeats the story of the games cartoon.Another part just uses liked all the characters.He may engage in quite different and quite unexpected things.There are games dedicated to a cocktail party for cows and bulls.There are games where the characters are cartoon arrange races on bicycles or other vehicles.There are various sports games with characters horns and hooves.In some games to lead the battle with coyotes.In other breaking all barriers to simply will feed Otis.The choice is very large and diverse.These games are the huge number of gaming sites.As a rule, they do not require download on a home computer and are suitable for online play.Sites allow the horns and hooves to play for free.Constantly there are new games in the series, each time with considerable popularity.