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Wolverine - superhero comics character set, which appeared in 1974.This is a mutant, possessing superhuman powers.It can survive after being wounded after a dangerous disease.He almost never gets old, it does not apply poisons him phenomenal endurance and agility.The X-Men - the team of superheroes to save the world on a regular basis.About them was shot many cartoons and several movies.They are all mutants, and each of them has unique superpowers.One of the most famous cartoon series about these heroes, "Wolverine and the X-Men."He was released in 2008.The plot of the film describes the adventures of superheroes and their struggle against evil.At the beginning of X-Men story falls apart.Remaining begin to pursue their opponents.Wolverine pulls out of the fire the girl, but her family is kidnapped, to find out where he is Wolverine.To fight the enemy has again collected by the X-Men.In addition to Wolverine's team included many famous superheroes.The beast has tremendous strength and agility.Storm - the daughter of American journalists and a Kenyan princess.She is able to control natural phenomena.Cyclops, the former leader, who has become depressed, but has found the strength to return.He is able to regurgitate a powerful flow of plasma from their eyes, and uses it in a fight.The White Queen - a beauty with telepathic abilities.Nightcrawler, has the ability to teleport to any location within the visual field.Iceman, control ice.Phantom Cat, who can walk through walls and obstacles.Smith, capable of creating miracles of technology.Rogue possessed the ability to absorb the emotion, power and memory.Angel, who has the ability to fly because of its wings.Colossus, who is able to transform his body into steel.Phoenix, nearly lost his memory after the explosion.Naturally, as the heroes of the comics and cartoons have appeared playing Wolverine and the X-Men.Completely different game genres and complexity.There are games adventure games, arcade games, puzzle games and more.In some games, Wolverine must escape from prison, others to break through all the obstacles to get to the main villain.All stories and scenes impossible to enumerate.Game Wolverine and the X-Men are very common on the Internet.They can be found on most gaming sites.In most cases, the games in the series can be played without downloading them to your own computer and without registration.Of games and sites where they are constantly growing.Programmers create more new toys of the adventures of these heroes.