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H2O - feature film about mermaids.Three heroines Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori, Rikki Chadwick accidentally fall into the underground caves that are on Mako Island.They manage to escape through a strange pond, connected with the sea.Soon it turns out that they were something strange happened.Every time in contact with water they become mermaids.In this case, Cleo and Emma are the ability to control water.Emma can freeze water and Cleo give it shape.Ricky soon finds out that can make the water boil.They try to hide their abilities, but it's not possible.During pool parties, their ability to know other people.Later, they put a lot of effort to ensure that understand the secret of what happened to them.Girl finds a mysterious medallion, which should help them.Soon it turns out that they are mysteriously operates a full moon.After some time, they are joined by another girl.In the future, they have many different adventures.Was filmed three seasons of the TV series 26 episodes each.There are also TV movies: Metamorphosis, Pool Party, Hen, catch of the day, young love, Dr. threat Meeting with Dr. Denmen, Effect Sirens, twirl tail, now four of them.Australian television series was a great success, and it created numerous games mermaid.In addition to games, the computer world, there are popular tests, "What are you a mermaid?"Websites and forums dedicated to the heroines of the film.H2o mermaid games are widely distributed on the Internet.They are present on the set of gaming services and portals.On sites that are laid out games for girls, mermaids are very popular.These games are totally different genres.There are dress up games.Game where you have to pick up my hair and makeup for the mermaids.There are many arcades.Mermaids swim underwater and collect various bonuses.There are games, puzzles, and games, coloring pages, dedicated to the mermaids from the series.Action games, games in which you want to participate in various events associated with episodes of the famous television series.And other equally entertaining versions of computer entertainment.These are available in a variety of relevant sites.They can be played without registration and without jumps on the computer.Services are usually completely free.They are available to all.At the same time, it is possible to download and play, so you can play them without having access to the Internet.The number of these games is increasing.They are devoted to various episodes of the television series and heroines.After the release of a new series, game industry responds quickly by updating the assortment.