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The Little Mermaid - the heroine of Hans Christian Anderson.The Little Mermaid Prince rescued during a storm and fell in love with it.To meet with the prince, she made a deal with the witch.She left the house and got a fish tail instead of legs.But for that she voted.Mermaid to go through many trials.Popular tale was very great.In the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid statue was created, quickly became one of the main attractions of the northern capital.This is one of the most important symbols of the city.About the Little Mermaid was filmed many movies, set plays.Very famous and animated films and series dedicated to her.The most famous cartoons began production of Walt Disney.They were very different from the original text of Hans Christian Anderson.But these cartoons and animated series have purchased, in our time, the best known.The main character in their name is Ariel.She is the daughter of the lord of the underwater kingdom.Along with it are many characters, fictional Disney animators and was absent in the text of Anderson's fairy tales.End is also fundamentally different from what it was in the book.Animated series about the events occurred before the beginning of the book of the great writer.Do not forget about the Little Mermaid and the producers of computer games.There are many dedicated her games.These games belong to a variety of genres and are very different from each other.There is quite a challenging game.Place to be for a long time.They contain many scenes, levels and locations.And there are games Mermaid relatively simple.But simple does not mean uninteresting.These games are entirely devoted to any single episode or action.There are games, dress up games, where you have to pick up clothes for the heroine.There is a coloring game, the result of which you can print out later.There are games, puzzles.There are many other puzzle games of the Little Mermaid.A large number of arcades devoted traveling Little Mermaid in the underwater world.During the game, the Little Mermaid, collect valuable items scattered on the sea floor, and is saved from the danger that may threaten her.There are games, competitions, in which the little mermaid to defeat his opponents in various sports.A lot of them.However, all kinds of games of the Little Mermaid is impossible to list.These games are available on many game sites and portals.They can play for free and without registration.Control in these games is simple.Its easy to learn even children.