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Fairy tale The Little Mermaid was written by an outstanding writer Hans Christian Anderson in the nineteenth century.She repeatedly filmed.Currently, the most famous animated film is not Walt Disney Studios These films do not meet fully the Danish fairy tale writer.Their character, mermaid Ariel, youngest daughter of the Sea King Triton.He lives in the Atlantic Ocean with her friends Flounder fish and crab Sebastian.In the animated series, she gets into various adventures: adopting a small killer whale, annoying fish-magician, fights with sea witch Ursula.In the future, it begins to show interest in what is happening in the world of men.She finds the wreck, which takes a bent fork and pipe.Then she asks her friend, gulls Skattla, the appointment of these items.Gull says that people comb the hair with a fork, and the smoking pipe musicians play.Soon the storm begins.The storm killed at which the ship sails Prince Eric.Ariel falls in love with him and rescues.She decides to go to the human world.To do this, it goes to the sea witch Ursula, and cast their votes in exchange for human legs.She has three days to get a prince to fall in love.Despite the opposition, Ariel reaches the goal.Cartoon happy ending wedding.Later, it was filmed several extensions of this story.In one of them, the prince and Ariel born daughter.It tends to the sea and is captured by the witch Morgana.But it can work together to save him.Ariel devoted many computer games.The first of them came out in the early 90's.During the game, the little mermaid Ariel was swimming in the underwater kingdom and fight numerous enemies.Soon there were other similar games.The Little Mermaid Ariel, games which in our time is very popular and is presented on the Internet.They can play not only for Ariel, but also for her father, the Sea King Triton, with Sebastian the crab, and fish for Flounder.These games are totally different genres.There are so many twists and turns repeating the first arcade game Little Mermaid Ariel.There are also completely new game.There are games, dress up games, puzzle games, puzzle games, games, coloring games and races.These are available in a huge number of gaming sites and servers.You can play them for free and without registration.The Little Mermaid Ariel, games which have appeared over twenty years ago has not been forgotten in our time.Regularly published all new versions of computer games on this lady.