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Russian fishing computer game produced by Russian fishing.Its most popular multiplayer online version.Game since 2003.The game presents a real existing reservoirs and hundreds of games.The player can be used hundreds of lures and tackle.The game is constantly being updated and improved.There is a version of the game for mobile phones and PDAs.That start playing Russian fishing the player must choose the pond for fishing.The choice is huge.From the simple to the largest pond Russian rivers.Each body of water is different in the type of fish that can be caught there.The further and larger body of water, the more expensive it will cost to ride him.In one pond can have multiple locations, and it's the player, understand the place better for fishing.Before fishing gear is necessary to collect and select the bait.This can help a special manual supplied with the game.But the main thing here, a real life experience.Game locations are given real photographs of water bodies, which is fishing.Caught fish can be sold, and the money to buy new equipment.There is also a plaque records the official site.Initially, there were single-player mode of the game, but later it became clear that much better in the Russian fishing game to play online.As a result, only now developing an online version of the game.Install the game Russian fishing play for free online, you can immediately, but for the money given many serious opportunities.In the game there are a large number of tournaments in which players can get some very interesting prizes.Among them may be unique gear.To win these tournaments helps the real life experiences of the fisherman.Unsuccessful actions during the catch can cause damage to the reel and rod.Trophy while also lost.For poaching a player may be penalized fishing control.In the game there are always new reservoirs, new locations.It offers players more and more flash, and other fishing gear.In the game, there are quests.Change the rules in order to improve game balance.Running multiple game servers.Players can upload their avatars and add each other as friends.There is a table of records, which recorded the most outstanding achievements.There are several forums devoted exclusively to Russian fishing game.Additionally, there are official and unofficial forums.The game is very popular among players of Russia and other countries.Recent locations will include not only Russia, but also abroad.