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Among computer games occupy a special place these simulations of sports.Each sports game already created hundreds of completely different types of simulators.They can simulate a simple board game, and can be difficult and a team competition.There are a lot of computer games on golf.There are plenty of tennis simulation.There are simulators cricket, badminton and many other games.But what little the game has so many variations of the computer as a pool table.And this is not surprising.Most popular games of billiards.It has a very large number of people.And it is natural that there are many who want to play Russian billiards online free.In this pool has a large number of varieties.All of these species are well represented in computer games.You can find analog of any billiard party.There are games dedicated Cannon, American billiards (pool), Novus and other forms of this ancient game.But, perhaps, a little of what types of billiard game has so many variations of the computer as the Russian billiards.Games simulate this game a huge amount.Russian billiards is different from other types of billiards.He has his own size balls, the size of your pockets.Rules.Usually played in American and the Moscow pyramid.In American initially put the pyramid of the fifteen balls, which is broken by special jam.After each successful attack, the player can make the next move.The one who scores the first eight balls.In the Moscow pyramid rules are somewhat different.The game is played one ball.The player who scored eight balls.Russian billiards computer can play all kinds of Russian billiards.You can play with the computer, but you can love.Now there are a large number of game servers, where at any time of the day or night you can play with a live opponent.In many cases, the board is not required, and players have the opportunity to play Russian billiards online free.In some cases, you can play and without registration.The games do not require downloading of any files on your computer.For other games, you may need to install the program to be able to connect to the server.If the site has a registration, there may be conducted ranking of the best players.On the top places are the best.Russian billiards is not the only video game dedicated to billiards.There are other computer billiard games.They are very diverse and fascinating.On which games can be a little closer by popularity for Russian billiards